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Who is FIRPTA Solutions Inc.

FIRPTA Solutions Inc. was founded on over 20 years of experience, continuing education, and dedication. Our passion for assisting Buyers, Sellers and other professionals through the minefield that is FIRPTA is only surpassed by our commitment to preventing our clients from ever having to pay any unnecessary taxes, penalties, or interest.

FIRPTA it’s what we do, it’s all we do, it’s what we love!

The above slogan represents what we do. Unlike other firms that offer multiple accounting services, FIRPTA Solutions Inc. only focuses on FIRPTA. This allows us to give you our full attention to focus on your FIRPTA needs. Whether it is filing for a ITIN, getting a FIRPTA withholding certificate , or remitting the funds from your transaction we are always here to help. Our consulting company, offers FREE initial consultations. If you have any questions or concerns about your FIRPTA process please give us a call today.