FIRPTA Withholding Calculator

firpta calculator

The FIRPTA Withholding Calculator will allow you to calculate the withholding percentage that will need to be withheld. We wrote in our “what Is FIRPTA?” article that FIRPTA is not a tax but an amount held by the IRS used to pay potential taxes that a foreign seller may owe. The IRS requires that the buyer withholds 15% of the selling price of the property at the time of closing if determined that the seller is foreign.  By using out FIRPTA Exemption form you can see if the seller is exempted from FIRPTA.

Once you have calculated your FIRPTA withholding percentage, you have two options. You can Remit the percentage calculated or you can you can reduce your amount by filling for a FIRPTA Withholding Certificate.  To get an estimate of how much it will reduce to, use our Withholding Certificate Calculator.



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